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BeezlyBob's Incredibly Realistic Outlaws Ideas
(cut an' pasted from his letter)

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1st of all, fer sum suggestions:

-  in single play, the money you make, mercinarying could buy ya better weapons, supplies, and whores too.

-  along with boiler plates, your other possesions would add weight, slow ya down, and fill up yer pockets (i.e. ya can't carry all weapons at once, all that dinamite, etc. due ta the fact that ya only got two hands, a few pockets, and sum saddle bags).  an' your attributes could help determine sum a this.

-  for sum more ideas into realism, take a look at D&D rules/game play.

-  other than jus bein tired, ya git thirsty, drunk, an effected by the elements.  perhaps a coat or hat (available at the local genral store fer a small price) could help ya.

-  if ya git killt, ya have ta start over from scratch, givin ya more incentive an drive ta bring that primortial side out a ya

-  in the sequal, you'd hav ta end it one day due ta ol' age, lead poisonning, if ya were a criminal, eventially the calvery would come - if ya weren't killt by the increasinly skilled head-hunters, an ambushers (due to yer increasing bounty).

-  you might be able ta retire after a full carreer (if the gun didn't catch up to ya first), an git a job/lifestyle based upon yer life in the game.

-  the ability ta recruit a posse, or even army of n.p.'s (skill would depend on there commision).

-  a "luck" attribute, randumly assigned, unwaiverable, an unknown (except through experience) to the players; an maybe a charisma facter for recruiting purposes.

-  the ability ta import yer personal character from single play games to multiplayer (remembering, if ya die, you start from 'fng' mode (the begining).

- possible training to improve attributes (keeping in mind that if ya don't work, ya don't eat).

-  no 'points' against ya fer killin innocent bystanders (ecept the law).

-  if caught alive, previous 'hired hands' or blood-bothers / kin can attempt break outs, and if these fail, death by firin' squad or hangin'.

-  ability to use anything fer weapons, dirt in the eyes, bar stools, to even cannons (immobile of course, but able ta blow up buildings, banks an the like, within range)

-  cam modes, as seen in jk

-  possible weapon back fires / self inflicted injuries

-  freak accidents

-  havin' ta rest an miss some action

-  the miacle of modern medicine (of the day) - fer a price, of course.

-  worthless junk, an brokin weapons, an spoiled food, an junk ammo, an not as many weapons layin around, but more on dead people, an in tadin' posts.

-  extended use / or wet weapons would wear and decrease in performance, or in that case - all items.

-  rottin dead boddies

-  fluctuatin social / economic structures of towns

-  age taking its toll

-  ya talked about cows an lil' doggies, how 'bout snakes, too; an make um interact an killable, too.

-  hostages

-  old wounds (in the 'accumulative' characters that would effect the player fer years ta come, also a limit to 'honed' abillities (i.e. the better ya got, the harder it would be ta improve)

-  i'm no programmer, so i don't know if any a these are practical or even possible (i know i went a lil over board with your request, but iv'e bin thinkin bout this shit for some time (it's my favorite game)); but if one helps ya - it was worth it.  i'm no D&Der, but that's what made the game so intense - the realism an the fact that the character that ya spent years on honing was mortal, and the next move could be his last move - ever.  also i like the dual mode of single play: story play an then the historical missions.  in the sequel, the character in story mode, would be incompatable with the character ya put yer heart into in the 'historical missions' (the one you could import into multi games).  also the character that's lived the longest, the one that's been nurtered, would be better than green player characters giving those that put in the time an effort some tangible reward fer their efforts.

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 file   Beezly's Ideas   I'm not holding my breath but...